Friday, 20 December 2013

TITLE Boxing Gloves - Review

Title Professional Training Boxing Gloves - 

16oz - YELLOW

If you're new to boxing and are looking for an all round boxing glove then this is a great purchase!

I would recommend these gloves to any beginner because they are only £20 and aren't too badly put together, especially not for someone who is just learning the basics and doing a few sessions a week.
The 'Title' brand is quite a well known boxing brand and these gloves themselves are value for money.
I have tried and tested these gloves myself, as have a few of my training partners and also a few of the junior boxer's at my club. Here are a few negatives and positives that we've found with the 'Title Professional Training Boxing Gloves'...

- They look old school and basic - ideal for a training glove!

- They're snug fitting. The pair that I reviewed are 16oz, smaller sizes would be a bit tighter, but not too tight, and personally I like a tight fitting glove, as do the majority of fighters.

- There is a fair amount of padding on and around the thumb, meaning your thumb is well protected.

- The glove has been constructed similarly to the 'Everlast - Hook & Loop' gloves, which could favor a 'puncher'.

- Title are a respectable boxing brand.

- Ideal for a beginner.

- Inexpensive.

- There are air holes on the palm side of the glove, allowing your hands to 'breathe'.

- They come in a glove bag, meaning you can keep them together and tidy.

12oz Everlast Hook & Loop, next to 16oz Title Pro Training gloves
- There is hardly any wrist support, a lot of boxer's like their wrists to be supported and personally, wrist support is something I would advise. So, the lack of wrist support in these gloves lets them down a little.

- The padding was slightly, slightly uneven on the pair I got. Once worn in, they will more than likely settle and even out!

- The gloves do look a little on the cheaper side, but that shouldn't put you off.

- I haven't used the gloves enough to see if they're that durable, but from inspection, I'd say that they aren't hugely durable, but if you're starting out in the sport they should last you a fair while!

- Slight discoloration on a tiny part of one of the gloves.

So, overall, I actually really like these gloves. Unlike a lot of 16oz gloves they don't look too bulky, they fit well and are great value for money in my opinion. I wouldn't recommend these gloves to anyone who trains and competes regularly unless they were used specifically for one thing such as bag work or sparring, I like to train in heavier gloves, hence, why I review a lot of gloves in 16oz, but I think these would be just as good if not better at a lighter weight from a 10oz-14oz.

For a beginner, they are great gloves and I'd recommend them! They're well padded and look really cool, also after getting a few of the junior boxer's I train they said that they felt really light and that they look like nice and 'cool' gloves.

Here are some ratings, based on my own opinion...

- Looks: 4/5 - look really cool and old school, but could look a bit better.
- Comfort: 4/5 - really pretty comfortable.
- Price: 5/5 - great value for money and well worth it
- Durability: 3/5 - haven't had them long enough to tell really, but they are probably durable for a beginner, but for anyone who is training near enough every day, they look as though they won't hold out for too long.

The gloves also come in a variety of colours, such as:
- Blue
- Green 
- Black
- Red

Price also varies with colour chosen.

You can find the gloves here, at Sports Direct:

Browse the website, to find the different colours. I highly recommend these gloves to anyone starting out in the noble art of Pugilism!