Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Slow progress...

Hi guys!

So today I got my business cards through! I say this is slow progress because now I have something like this I can get myself out there and advertise my motivational speaking services a bit. 

I have a talk lined up for November at my former secondary school and I'm really looking forward to it! If anybody local to me wishes for any business cards of mine that they can distribute to those who may be interested then please let me know. 

Finally, I would just like to leave you with another picture which a friend of mine uploaded to Facebook this evening. It meant a lot to me and I think it's brilliant!! It's from the App 'bit strips' 

Thanks for reading this short post. :-)

Take care!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bryanston School - Feedback from Students

After Jackney and I did our first motivational talk to over 100 year 13 students at The Bryanston School, we were delighted to have received some brilliant feedback! Here is the feedback that I received...

"Hi Tyler, 

I would just like to thank both you and jack for your incredibly inspirational talks at Bryanston on Saturday. I know I was one of many who sat in your talk trying my hardest to hold back the tears (and trust me I never cry) as you both shared such amazing, brave stories, stories that a lot of us would find hard to relate to, as we have been fortunate enough to live, work and grow up in 'the Bryanston bubble'. 

I just wanted to let you both know the impact that both your talks had on me. I walked out feeling very lucky with what i have in life and it has definitely taught me to stop moaning and grumbling about petty little problems which in no way could really ever compare to what you two have faced. 
You say on your blog that your aim is to help and inspire other people and you have definitely inspired me.
I hope you reach your dream of being a world champion kick boxer. Never give up."

"Hello, The talk you gave on Saturday was very inspirational to all of us. The mix of humor and emotion was entertaining and very motivating, achieving my aims suddenly became a much more plausible option! The whole thing about 'reaching your dreams' always seemed to me to be quite a clich├ęd expression, but when you hear about real people aiming high and doing extremely well with their pursuits, certainly made me realise that it is possible for me to do myself.I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and I shall keep up with you on your blogs.I wish you two the best of luck!"

"Hi Tyler
I am in year 13 at Bryanston, and I wanted to thank you for the talk that you and Jack did last Saturday it was soooo good. It was really inspirational and I really enjoyed hearing your story.
I wish you the best for the future, and the Boxing!
Thank you so much!" 

"Hi guys, Thank you so much for a very inspirational talk on Saturday.I found it thoroughly interesting, and it made me want to find my passion and reach my own goals.Our whole year found the talk very moving, and maybe we will see you back at school some time!I hope you both reach all the goals that you wish to achieve, and goodluck with the future!"

And finally here is a message which was sent to Jackney and forwarded to me...

"As for feedback, I would love to help in any way I can after your humbling talk, but sadly there is nothing constructive to say. You were an amazing speaker, as was Tyler. You were both very confident, very amiable and had fascinating things to tell, helped in the slightest by the amazing things you both have already done. I thought you were funny when you wanted to be, but altogether fantastic motivational speakers. I can promise you that everybody left the lecture theatre with a completely changed perspective. 

Now your blogs are just as entertaining, Tyler, I have been lost for days scrolling down thought all the funny/thought provoking material you post, along with very funny photos. 
The only criticism I could think of for your one Jackney, is that you haven't posted enough! What you have done, I loved and very much want more, you both write better than half our school.

Thank you both for coming and spending your Saturday with us, and providing such a humbling speech, and for both being so kind to us in your blogs." 

Once again a massive thank you to all the students at Bryanston for making our day so brilliant!!

If anybody wishes to get in contact with me to do anymore motivational talks then please do not hesitate to contact me through my e-mail address:

Thanks guys,

Take Care!

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Hi everyone,

I was recently contacted by someone who is the Community Outreach Director for 'The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance' and they have asked me to share something with you in order to try and help increase awareness of this very rare type of cancer.

Mesothelioma Awareness Day passed a few weeks ago and I have decided to try and educate people and make them more aware about this type of cancer. Mesothelioma is a completely preventable cancer and is only caused by exposure to asbestos. As you may or may not know, asbestos has been used in buildings and other structures in the past, but through this post I hope to teach you all a little more about the disease and it's risk factors.

I'm not trying to scare anyone with these facts, simply trying to increase people's awareness and get you supporting the cause!! You can learn more about Mesothelioma and the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance by going to their website:

Thanks guys,

Take Care.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bryanston School - Motivational Talk

So, the day started at 5:30am for both me and Jackers and we caught the 7am train to Gillingham. Where were we off to?
BRYANSTON, DORSET - to do our first motivational talk to the year 13 students at the school.

After a long train journey full of banter, some reading and writing in my vision book we arrived at Gillingham, where we met friend Mark who took us to the school itself. We rocked up to a big concrete archway reading 'Bryanston' - I think that was enough for us to realise that this place was going to be a hundred times bigger and grander than our old secondary school...
After a 2-3 mile drive we finally got to the main entrance of the school (yes that's right, the school has a path for about 2/3 miles before you actually reach the main entrance).

"Woah..." is the reaction me and Jackney shared. Woah... It was huge. It looked incredible. Lovely architecture and really nice surroundings

We met Ian, the head of the sixth form, and walked into the school, again, we were taken back by the scale of this place. It was huge! The entrance was really nicely furnished, with 'posh' paintings on all the walls, it just looked proper and grand I suppose! It was completely different to what Jackney and I were used to seeing, especially seeing as we are both from a town which ranks within the top 5% of deprived areas in England. We were walking around the corridors and lots of students were equipped with Macbook's - so Jackney was delighted (he's a techy) - there were big classrooms, grand staircases and even fingerprint pads to sign in! This place was like a palace to us, mixed with a bit of Hogwarts and some technology from MI5!

Anyway, after a quick bite to eat we were taken to the lecture theatre where we prepared for the students to arrive. At around 11am they all arrived and the presentation kicked off. Coatesy did his bit about whether he thought Britain was broken or not and then introduced myself and Jackney. Jackney smashed his talk, which gave me the confidence to do the same. So, I went up and did my first motivational talk. It was a very nervous time as I haven't done anything like this in years and my confidence has already taken a knock due to cancer and it's affects, but I didn't do half bad and the response we all got from the students was phenomenal.

I spoke a lot about my dad's death, my boxing, my treatment, the side effects and my new diet. I also gave students the opportunity to see my port-a-cath in the flesh! I don't think any ladies really wanted to see, but the lads certainly did. They probably thought it was going to be all gore and gruesome...
The Q&A session afterwards was also great. We got asked some questions which put us on the spot, but we absolutely loved it and it was good to engage in conversation and answer those questions.

As each student left the room they smiled, thanked us and shook our hands which was really, really nice. It made us feel that we had earn't their respect and that they appreciated us giving up our time to try and inspire them - the little things mean the most to me, so a thank you and a hand shake was brilliant.

After the talk, we were joined by some of the sixth former's who took us for lunch. Again, the canteen was mental, it looked amazing, it was massive and boy was there a lot of food. And I love food... So, after a nice meal and a good chat to a great bunch of students. We headed off for a tour around the local brewery, which was interesting and I loved the smell. Yeast smells good... After obtaining some souvenirs, off we went back to Gillingham train station where we said goodbye to Mark and Ian and thanked them for the awesome day.

On the train journey home, myself and Jackney were talking about the day and how great it was. We have also started planning what we would like to do for future talks but also for our charity which is close to our hearts - The Royal Marsden - as you may know, I had my cancer treatment here and would really like to give something back. Therefore, Jackney and I are on a mission to try and do something small for the hospital in Sutton. We are aiming to get some iPads, tablets and kindles for the hospital - to provide patients with some extra entertainment during an already difficult time. We have also thought of several ideas with regards to future talks and I have also decided alongside my auto biography I would like to write a self-help/motivation book for cancer patients and their families.

Flicking through my vision book we both noticed some articles in there which I have written and think that it would be useful to put them out there along with their message and try help others in my situation.

So, all in all today was a bloody good day. We met some amazing people at Bryanston, got to share our messages, gained invaluable experience, have worked a few more things out and established a solid friendship. For me it is great to have got talking to another person my age who shares my drive and determination to succeed and excel in life.

Thanks to Bryanston and thanks to Ian for having us, to all the year 13's: you were awesome, thanks so much for the support and appreciation. Wishing you well for the future and please stay in touch!!!


Saturday, 12 October 2013

Back with a bang!

Hi again guys,

For anybody who likes to read my blog posts often I apologise for being out for so long, however, I've been getting back into my training, college work and life itself really!

Anyway, just over a month ago now I started getting back into training at my boxing club. Within no time really my fitness has come back - not completely but it's getting there - and I have become a lot stronger physically which I find pretty bizarre because of the effect of all the drugs and medication I was on during my treatment... However, I have a few ideas why I may be stronger than before:

  • I have gotten older so strength may be coming along with age
  • I was training during treatment so that may have had an effect
  • My build has changed slightly
  • My mental strength and attitude is on another level compared to what it was
  • I have spent almost a year now, breaking things down, focusing on technique and constantly watching and therefore, learning.
Since the end of 2012, I had to reduce the amount of training I was doing because I just couldn't manage it, so I knew something was up. Then after being diagnosed I obviously didn't train anywhere near as much as I used to, however, I was still up the boxing gym almost every week watching my team-mates train and spar, picking up things that they did well or not so well, I was also watching a lot of boxing on T.V and YouTube, so I was adding certain aspects of a variety of boxers to my own arsenal. 

To some people it may sound silly, but from taking some time out I have learnt a lot, I have learnt a lot mentally but also the things I have seen and picked up have been transferred into my own boxing. Seeing as I was breaking things down for about 6-8 months now, everything has just improved and my punches land a lot more solidly than ever before. From watching my coach and team-mates and listening to what they had to say I have carried on learning about the sport and have been able to analyse things a lot better than before and then using what they've said to help me with my own training.

Regarding my health I have lost a lot of weight, I have gone from a bald, fat teenager weighing 78kg to a slim teenager with a head full of hair weighing 70kg. That's since the end of August, so a good achievement for me! 

This is a picture of my transformation from the end of June - to end of September

Also, since my last post I have been to two awards ceremonies. I won the Young Persons Award at the Local Heroes event and was also nominated and shortlisted for an award at the British Red Cross awards. I have also been nominated for an award by a charity called Clic Sargeant which helped me during my treatment.

If you would like to hear my interview for the award then please click here and a new window will open, taking you to the 96.4 Eagle Radio website.

Whilst at the Eagle Radio awards I saw an inspiration of mine, she's a lovely young lady named Sophie. Sophie has been battling cancer for years and even had to travel to America for vital treatment, but whenever I have seen her she's been nothing but happy and always smiling, I said in the interview with eagle radio that it's so hard seeing little children having treatment for cancer and Sophie was someone who inspired me and made me realise that if this little Champion can endure all the treatment then so can I!

This is me, with Sophie and her parents Ruth and Andrew

I am very honored to have been nominated for all these awards and am also very pleased to say that I have been invited to Bryanston school to do a motivational talk to some of the sixth form students. Later on in the year I also have another motivational talk booked in and am looking to do a lot more over the next few years! I haven't done a speech in a few years since being Head Boy at my secondary school, but compared to what I have been through recently, I guess this is nothing, so I will go in and do what I have set out to do and try and inspire and motivate others.

So... College is going well, training is brilliant and I am feeling happy. Now, I just have to wait for scans and results to find out if I am technically in 'remission' as I still haven't been told yet which is very annoying! I look forward to having my port-a-cath removed and getting back to sparring and competing in boxing and kickboxing next year. I am also really looking forward to these motivational talks and hopefully they will be the first of many.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me and continues to support me. 

Thanks a lot guys and take care!!

With beautiful Mum & Sister
British Red Cross - Humanitarian Citizens Award (SHORTLISTED)

I have set up a new Twitter page which I am using for my motivational speaking @tjewhite95 and if anyone is interested in getting me to do a motivational talk at their club, place of work, school, etc. then please contact me via my Twitter or e-mail: