Thursday, 5 September 2013

My video compilation

Back to Training!

Hey guys, before I say any more please check out the following link which will take you to YouTube where I have uploaded a compilation video of a few of my training sessions that I have recorded on my phone!

The other week I did some training on the Saturday and Sunday. On the Saturday I did a short kicking drill on the bag before doing 4x1 minute rounds on the pads with Jason - I felt really good and my punches were coming in harder than ever before. I have a feeling the extra power may be something to do with increased mental toughness and aggression! On the sunday I did a short sprint session finished with a short strength circuit, which was a good workout for me. On the link above the final round of Saturday's pad session can be seen towards the end.

On Tuesday I went back to the class for the first time which was great, I worked on kicking that evening and felt really good. My kicks were coming in well and my fitness wasn't bad at all for a fat boy who hasn't been able to train properly in 8 months. Then most recently today, I was boxing at the Thursday evening class and I felt good - it is the guy's who are fighting on the 14th September's last hard week of their training camp so the session was a hard one, obviously my pace wasn't as hard as theirs but I still worked my hardest and felt I coped well and ended up doing 8x2 minute rounds (3 consecutive rounds: 30 secs rest, 3:20 secs rest, 2:10 secs rest) - I felt good, my skills were good even whilst fatigued and I was feeling strong and fit!

Feel like my fitness is definitely improving alongside my strength and endurance! I can't wait to do the Strength & Conditioning session tomorrow night and watch the guys sparring. 

A lot of people say it must feel great coming back to training and YES! It really does, especially when you go from training nearly everyday for about two years, to barely training once a month. For me it's such a huge step again and I said to one of the guys this evening that it amazes me to think that in April time I couldn't walk, I was feeling awful, had so much trouble with my joints, had not one strand of hair on my head - now I am running, boxing, exercising hard, my joints and nerves are almost back fully and I have a head full of hair. It is a great feeling, feeling this well again. All I need now is some closure and the all-clear, when that news comes I will be the happiest guy in the world. Until then, I will live my life as though I am cancer free, keep chasing my dreams and training like it is my last time.

I have also decided that I would like to start doing some motivational talks and speeches, to children, teenagers, adults, professionals, the homeless, prisoners, other cancer sufferers, absolutely anyone. I want to help people, get my message and story out there, inspire and motivate - to audiences large and small, and maybe even make a bit of money from it. If anybody would be interested in contacting me to do a motivational talk then please do so without hesitation! 

My E-Mail address is: if anybody does wish to contact me, thanks for reading and for your support.

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Hope For Jayden

To any of my readers out there who use Facebook, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get on it and join the page 'Hope for Jayden' - this little guy and his family are very brave and positive and deserve as much support as they can get. 

Thanks all.